Monday, November 20, 2006

Post-Pub Picture

Here's St. John's Church on the walk home from visiting a Brit friend at the "Uguntina" pub last Saturday night. I balanced the camera on my wife's head and pushed the 2-second timer. We were a bit buzzed. A combination of the sacred and the profane?


East of Oregon said...

thanks for visiting my blog!

East of Oregon said...

I linked to you from Ocean's blog... Her blog is fantastic isn't it? My photos are not really mine I must admit.

I nab them from every day after searching and searching for the right inspiration. Usually it takes me about an hour each morning to sift through photos until one leaps off the page at me - then I use that as my blog starting point. I've only been blogging for a few days and am hooked.

My next goal (after school exams the next few days) is to get out my digital camera and actually begin taking photos and experiment posting my own creations.

thanks again for your comments.. take care

Sam said...

That's not a bad idea... Somedays I feel I just don't have anything interesting to post from my own efforts. I just love looking at fotos so browsing flickr wouldn't exactly kill me. I don't know how you do it, though. I'm basically retired and there are (and will be) days when I just don't get around to it. So don't feel bad if you miss some days.

Thanks for stopping by. I'll link to you and visit from time to time.

East of Oregon said...

happy Monday!

Reena said...

nice blog! :)