Sunday, October 15, 2006

Market Day

My wife Inga and I walk almost every day, but Saturday is market day so it's always fun to see all the folks who come in from the country villages to buy and sell at the outdoor market.

I especially like to capture the faces of the older people who have seen and suffered so much. They are a fading generation, the likes of which we won't see much again after they've passed.

It says, "only homemade".

Sometimes, they look so frustrated and tired. I know their lives haven't been easy, living through war and the Soviet times. I hope they believe the future will be better. In most ways, it already is. Still, pensions are small. It's amazing to me to see their enterprise and energy. They're tough people.


penumbra_ said...

I like your pictures. Thanks for sharing.

penumbra_ said...

quoted you in my collection of quotes in dec 6 entry. hope its okay. made link also in my sightseeingthroughsomeoneelse's eyes blog. thanks again for sharing.